General / 12 March 2018

Article - Approaching an Asset for High End Film Production

A while ago i wrote a pretty in depth article for CG society about working as a modeller in the film vfx industry. A lot of people following me seem to want to go the production route so I would suggest giving the article a read. I am pretty to the point about the reality of working in VFX, especially about how this is a Job and not always sunshine and rainbows.

"This article is for people thinking of pursuing a career in VFX, or who are just starting out. I will not be talking about making a model itself, but rather about something just as important, if not more: how to approach the task and all of the factors to consider during the process. I will be breaking down and covering the following:

  • Know how your asset will be used
  • Gather elements and prep the scene
  • Model correctly and Efficiently
  • Get feedback consistently
  • This is Production, not Personal
  • Clean Up
  • Hand off and following the work"