General / 29 November 2019

30% OFF Artstation Sale! and Macross SDF1 WIP

Just giving a heads up the new Artstation Sale has started and you can now pick up any of my Kits for 30% OFF for the next few days! Just head over to my store to save. I have provided a FREE sample Kit that you can test out and see the quality to expect from the rest of the Starship Kit.

I have also bundled the new Starship Kit with the other Spaceship kit to save even more money if you wanted to pick it all up. Also if you only wanted to pick up parts of the Starship Kit you can buy one or more of the individual sections like the Circle Kit.

Below you will find my current work in progress Spaceship that I have been using the kit on. The Macross SDF1. I have been putting it together on my stream so swing by if you have questions or want to see the Kit being used. All the detail on the ship can be found from the kit.