Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Silent Mary

Silent Mary Ship Opening

The Silent Mary was a massive task completed by a team of people all focusing on specific parts of the ship, I assembled all of the pieces together in my scene at the end to complete the asset. Patrick Harboun was the asset supervisor overseeing the show

I was the first artist on the ship so i focused on the problem solving of how a ship was going to open up and swallow other ships. I did a lot of animation tests exploring where the planks of wood would snap, how far and where we could bend the ship as a whole and presented different ways it would animate. The most complex part of the tests was working out what we were going to do with the lower decks in the middle of the ship.

I modelled all of the towers, masts and the Bow of the ship. I also looked after the overall structure of the ship, making all of the ribbing and adding / removing all of the wood planking along the hull. A lot of back and forth went in to place to let the right amount of light through the ship.